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Hope for USA, Not GOP

Blue State Reality Check: Freedom = Slavery, Ignorance = Strength

America Answers to a King: Jesus Christ

Gay Men: Show “Pride” by Affirming Two Genders!

’20 Voter Fraud? Google Says Yes!

21 & Done: Pro Abortion Companies To Avoid

Contract to Restore Constitutional America

Pastors: It’s Your 501c3 or God!

The Truth about School Shootings

Marxist Reasons for Electric Cars

PA Election: Exactly What Stalin Would Have Wanted

Armed Patriots Patrol The Border

Only Government Causes Inflation

Biden Blames COVID for Inflation

NIH Scientists Get $350 Mil. Royalties

Patriots: Time to Hit the Oregon Trail!

McCarthy Is The SWAMP!

Roe Dead? Cautious Optimism! Here’s How To Proceed in Prayer

Make America Great Again? Take Back Education Now! Here’s How…

There Never Was A Mask Mandate; Only Anti-God Capitulation

What Would Jesus Do Today? What Would Rush Say Today?

Biden Bombshell: Direct Payments to Son/Dad from Chi-Coms! Ledger Report 1222

Election 2020 Bombshell: U.S. Post Office Complicit In Election Conspiracy – Ledger Report 1221

Deep State Ukraine: It’s All About Oligarchs, Money & Power – Ledger Report 1220

Stop Russian Gold? Sure! Create Global Economic Disaster – Ledger Report 1219

Gen. Flynn: Biden Cold War 2.0, Only U.S. Can Defeat Psycho Putin – Ledger Report 1218

Putin’s War on Ukraine; Biden’s War on U.S. Truckers – Ledger Report 1217

Coming Soon: Canadian-Inspired Truck Convoy to Save USA to DC! – Ledger Report 1216

Marxists Lifting Mandates? As Phony As Biden on a $4 Bill – Ledger Report 1215

Doc with 99.9% Covid Treatment Success Shunned By DC/Media – Ledger Report 1214

Hospital Covid Death Camps! Docs/Nurses Stunning Testimony– Ledger Report 1213

Doctors Under Attack for C-Vax Miscarriage Warning – Ledger Report 1212

Military Purge: 18K Discharges? 1000+ Suicides 77 Covid Deaths - Ledger Report 1211

Shocking Truth: 2.1 Million Dead, 100 Million Maimed From C-Vax – Ledger Report 1210