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The Ledger Report-1093-Bombshell Empirical Investigation into 2020 Voter Fraud (that the media will ignore)

Jan.6, 2021: When We Find Out If We Still Have a Constitutional Republic or, a Banana Republic where our votes don't count?

Gavin Newsom killed my workout routine & forced my gym to close for good!

The Ledger Report-1092-Recall California's Governor-Its Fight or Flight!

The Ledger Report-1091-Jan.6, 2021: When We Find Out If We Still Have a Constitutional Republic

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The Ledger Report-1090-The Media Need a Constitutional Lesson-Biden is NOT Certified President-elect!

The Ledger Report-1089-The Media's Losing Battle to Conceal the Election Truth!

LEDGER REPORT SPECIAL GUEST EDITION - Live Townhall RECALL California Governor Gavin Newsom

The Ledger Report-1088-This is NOT Overturning an Election! It's following the Constitution!

The Ledger Report-1087-You’re Either with US & Voter Integrity or You’re with the Domestic Terrorists

The Ledger Report-1086-Where is the DOJ on this Massive Voter Fraud?

The Ledger Report-1085-Want Voter Fraud Evidence? YOU GOT IT!

The Ledger Report-1084-Today We Know How Far Off the Constitutional Rails We Are

The Ledger Report-1083-GOP State Legislatures Must Grow Electoral Spines - NOW!

The Ledger Report-1082-Systemic Voter Fraud, Not Systemic Racism!

The Ledger Report-1081- Democrat Maniacs have BLOWN-UP the Franchise-Now What?

The Ledger Report-1080-We Are at WAR with the Radical Left -They Must Be CRUSHED!

The Ledger Report-1079-This Election is about Liberty vs. Tyranny

The Ledger Report - 1078 - DO NOT Bet Against Donald Trump

The Ledger Report-1077-Chumps For Trump? -Whatever It Takes to Ensure a Constitutional America

Presidential Debate -The Ledger Report LIVE - Pre & Post-Game

The Ledger Report-1076-Journalism in America is Dead- the Media are hiding the Truth about Biden

The Ledger Report-1075 - It's the COVID Election & All Governors are on the Ballot

The Ledger Report-1075 - LIVE - It's the COVID Election & All Governors are on the Ballot

The Ledger Report-1074-This Election is an Epic Fight of Biblical Proportions

The Ledger Report-1073-Polls Do Not Measure Voter Enthusiasm = Advantage Trump!

The Ledger Report - SPECIAL LIVE SUNDAY NIGHT EDITION - Sunday October 11 – Educate the Economically Illiterate!

The Ledger Report - SPECIAL LIVE SUNDAY NIGHT EDITION - Sunday October 11 @ 8pm EASTERN, 5pm PACIFIC

The Ledger Report-1071-Constitutional America can not withstand 4 years of Biden/Harris/Sanders

The Ledger Report LIVE - VP Debate POST-GAME - Wednesday October 7, 10:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Pacific

The Ledger Report LIVE - VP Debate PRE-GAME - Wednesday October 7, 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific

The Ledger Report - 1070 - BREAKING NEWS: President Trump is beating Covid, Helping Establish Herd Immunity & He Can now Go MASKLESS!

The Ledger Report LIVE - Sunday October 4, 2020 at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific - SPECIAL EDITION

The Ledger Report "Short" - DO NOT WORRY: Testing Positive for Covid is all part of God's Plan for President Trump & his Family

Typo Correction: Trump will emerge STRONGER than ever!

The Ledger Report-1069-The Method to the Trump Covid, “Proud Boy”, Defeat Biden Madness Don't panic!

President Trump tells truth about: Economy, Covid, & Radical Left; Biden Lies for 90 min.

Presidential Debate 2020 #1 -The Ledger Report: The Pre-game & The Post-game LIVE Coverage

The Ledger Report-1066-Election 2020 is History in the Making

It is President Trump’s manifest destiny to fill the Supreme Court with his many constitutional jurist as possible

Presidential Debate 2020 #1 - The Pre-game & The Post-game - The Ledger Report

The Ledger Report-1065-Republican-controlled Swing State Legislatures must Act Now to Safeguard the Election

The Ledger Report Short - Standing Ovation for Patriots Boycotting the NFL

The Ledger Report-1064-Replacing RBG: The Moral Obligation to Make America Constitutional Again

The Ledger Report-1063-Americans Need a History Lesson & Constitutional Detox!

The Ledger Report Short - The Greatest Attack on Constitutional Rights in the History of this Republic

Countdown to the Greatest Television Specticle in United States History: the Trump-Biden Presidential Debate #1

The Ledger Report-1062-Fight Back Against the Balkanization of America

The Ledger Report-1061-California is now America's Soviet Union

The Ledger Report-1060-The Covid/Trump September Bombshell that’s a Political Dud

The Ledger Report Short - Why the American People should do What House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did!

The Ledger Report-1059-It's Time to Do What Nancy Pelosi Does!

The Ledger Report Short - Why White House Doctor Atlas Shrugged at Covid-19

The Ledger Report-1058-This is a Battle for the Heart & Soul of this Constitutional Republic

The Ledger Report Short: The Achilles Heel to the Democrat Mail in Ballot Scheme

The Ledger Report-1057-Who is the Law & Order Candidate for President

The Ledger Report Short-The Stark Contrast between the Democrat Convention and the Republican Convention

The Ledger Report-1056-Detoxing & Educating the Stoned & Stupid

The Ledger Report-1055-Maximo Alvarez: The American Dream vs. the American Nightmare

The Ledger Report-1054-Joe Biden's Radical Deal with the Devil (aka the Sanders Manifesto)

The Ledger Report-1053-Out of ONE Radical Ideology, MANY Forms of Tyranny

The Ledger Report-1052-The Democrat Convention is turning Joe Biden into Political Silly Putty

The Ledger Report-1051-Democrats Using the USPS to Sew More Seeds of Electoral Chaos

The Ledger Report-1050-The First Presidential Election to be Politically Hijacked in U.S. History

The Ledger Report-1049-The Younger, Prettier, More Radical Hillary Clinton

The Ledger Report-1048-Russian Collusion 2.0 - Putin Wins the Vaccine Race!

The Ledger Report-1047-Election 2020: Brought to you by Saul Alinksy

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The Ledger Report-1046-On the Ballot in November:  Liberty vs. Tyranny

The Ledger Report – 1045 – More Evidence that Masks DO NOT stop the Spread of Covid-19

The Ledger Report - 1044 - The First Casualty of War against Covid-19 is the TRUTH!

The Ledger Report – 1043 – We are living through the greatest Political Conspiracy in U.S. History

The Ledger Report – 1042 – Fighting the War against this Constitutional Republic

The Ledger Report - 1041 - The President Must Bypass the Media!

The Ledger Report – 1040 – Election 2020 is the Covid-19 Election

The Ledger Report - 1035 – There IS Hope for California!

Is America Past the Point of No Constitutional Return?

The Ledger report - 1030 - Not Just a Presidential Election in 2020 - It's Civil War!

The Ledger Report 1019 – Stop Buying Toilet Paper – Start Buying Stocks!

I am Sick and Tired of the United States of Lemmings

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