I am Sick and Tired of the United States of Lemmings

I'm sick and tired of the united states of lemmings

Yes, the democrats have weaponized the Wuhan corona virus, forcing the economy to its knees

Forcing tens of millions of Americans into unemployment

Forcing people to "social distance" - boy am i sick of hearing that crap

These blue state governors have already accomplished their collective, conspiratorial, and nefarious goal


They control one third of the us economy and have destroyed one of the greatest boom times in American history.

But more importantly, they apparently control the minds and souls and constitutional rights of - oh - about 100 million Americans

Wear a mask

But, is it just a mask?

Or, is it a muzzle?

Truth is...

A mask isn't going to do anything to stop the spread of a virus that - just like the flu - is commonly transmitted when our hands touch our eyes.

Last i checked, a mask covers "not" the eyes ...

...oh but i'm sure gavin newsom is working on that too.

And for the record, there is not one shred of evidence, that any of the unconstitutional edicts issued by newsom and cuomo and pritzker and murphy and northam are mitigating the spread of the wuhan corona virus.

Zero evidence.

But back to my point

I am sick and tired of people who i thought were rational thinkers, falling for this political conspiracy, to harm the re-election chances of Donald trump.

And you know what?

As disgusting as this sounds... These partisan vultures may have succeeded.

These blue state governors and blue city mayors tell people, oh, it's for your health

Poppy cock

It's for joe Biden

It's for chuck Schumer

It's for Nancy Pelosi

In other words, the government response to the Wuhan corona virus is all about raw political power.

That's it - no more, no less.

It has zero to do with "protecting" Americans

And so, these people, who just "go along" with these draconian anti-constitutional orders, without questioning cuomo or newsom or northam... Are just amazing to me

Sure they are scared

But why?

Why are they scared?


Because Cuomo Newsom Northam have lied to them.

They have painted a drastic, ugly and inaccurate worst-case picture of the potential of this virus.

Remember predictions of 2.2 million dead Americans?

A lie.

Remember the predicted surge - hospitals spilling over into the street.

Another lie

Remember when we found out that doctors are being forced to label it a 'corona death', with no autopsy, and no confirmation that covid-19 was the cause - only an assumption?

Remember that from the c-d-c and doctor Fauci?

Another on-going lie

I'm sick of this

The death count numbers are worthless - absolutely worthless

Why aren't these lemmings in California listening to the chief medical officer in los Angeles, who comes out every day, like this grey- haired ghoul, announcing how many people died.

Each time she rears her ugly face, she is exposing this government created fraud

The vast majority of dead are the elderly with underlying health conditions

People Of California:

Do you hear that?

99% of us will not die from the Wuhan corona virus

Why are you not connecting the dots?

I am sick of trying to explain to people how stupid they are being.

I'm sick of listening to this Newsom character coming out every day, looking straight into the camera, and with glee telling the people of California—— nah, not today, not this week.

No constitutional rights for you, today.

You will just have to wait for 'king Gavin' to wave his septum, to allow you to go the beach, or to a park, or to watch a baseball game.


I'm sick of it

And the media, and these reporters on tv and radio

And these advertisers

"we're all in this together"

Another lie

Those people are still collecting a paycheck.

They’re not struggling to pay the bills of a restaurant, whose operations have been raped, by politicians, who are willing to destroy businesses, and careers, and lives, and the entire economy, all for the sake of winning an election

The media.

All they do is repeat whatever big brother tells them to say

It's incredible

I'm sick of hearing... 'Oh just stay home, and don't do anything' until "governor genius" tells me it's ok to live my life

And one more thing

I am pro-cop.



Ladies and gentlemen of law enforcement

You swore an oath to uphold the united states constitution... Not some decree from a democrat operative who calls his or herself the head of the department of health

As police officers, you should be defending the right to free speech, not facilitating the upending of it

I'm sick of these cops arresting fellow Americans for the crime of walking in the beach, or playing ball with their child in a park.

You outta be ashamed.

Turn in your badges.

Resign, or defend my right to go to church.

I'm sick of all of this.

The politicians... The media... The vast majority of Americans.. Are repeating the same refrain:

The economy - the American way of life - being "impacted" by the Wuhan corona virus


No... Another lie being repeated over and over again.

Out of 330 million people, about 50 thousand were hit hard...by the virus

The rest of us, are being impacted by the government response.

Do stay at home.

Don't work.

Do collect your government checks.

Don't walk down that isle at Walmart - that’s the wrong way.

Do wear a mask.

Don't gather in groups.

Do stay six feet apart.

Don't celebrate life.

I am disgusted of 'far too many americans' capitulating to this wholesale and unprecedented attack on liberty --- no. Questions. Asked.

I am sick and tired of living here in the united states of lemmings#