The side-effects are happening now!
The mainstream media/Democrat Party cabal is at war with President Trump and the constitution and we the people. But with fewer than 100 days to go…
The Ledger Report Podcast 1032
Doctor Anthony Fauci is part of the effort to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump as he serves-up on a political silver platter to the Democrat…
Free speech & the freedom to assemble in NOT a national security threat!
Ledger is doing the journalism that the MSM refuses to do because the MSM are part of the conspiracy and cover-up.
At some point, YouTube will attempt to silence my Constitutional voice; please join me on the free speech platform: Rumble.
This is why I am attempting to keep communication channels open directly between you and me, so we can protect the first amendment together…
By law, you are NOT required to show proof of vaccination to anyone for any reason!
We must rally, organize, and execute a plan to coordinate constitutional governments in the face of Democrat tyrannical government!
Justice for Ashli Babbitt!