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Graham, just by the by -,to start out... I followed you for a while on one America news -,and believe it or not ,until I was about I don't know in my 40s I guess.. I thought I was Italian -,about half.. anyways when I finally talked to the bio-mom that violated me-, about three or four years of age ..I found out that- that Italian was not Italian ..but it was American Indian. I am a Choctaw. So no fire water for me haha.. anyways I just want you to know that there's a lot of platforms as y'all know-,and it's hard to follow everyone closely- at least for me it is.. the brain damage that the aforementioned person inflicted on me was not discovered until 2007 when I was 53.

*but my real reason for contacting you today is.. have you heard of True The Vote.. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips are laser focused on all the issues you brought forth in aug 17th email letter..today.

In my thinking it would be great if y'all could get together with Lindell and " do the battle together"..coordinate mutual efforts.

Catherine and Gregg do weekly podcast as most Patriots that have platforms currently do-, to educate and exhort us-,in what we can do to help. Some of the followers are very astute and well educated in assembling information rapidly -,and are on top of it just as much as Catherine and Gregg are.. that for me sadly is not the case-,in my old age my brain has become foggy, and my career of choice did not lend itself in my working years to stimulating the mind..but that is a different story. I've been sober 32 years.. a lot of wasted time in my life. Nonetheless I try to do as much online activism as I can-,not having a vehicle and living on Social Security funds are scarce.. and "everything takes money".. Right.

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