I think the guy is right about the leeway that the crooks have taken with the word "insurrection." I take exception to his view on the "color" of Arizona, however. It's a very red state. Trump and Kari Lake both won landslide victories.

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Sorry but the 14th Amendment was far more nefarious that that. I will suffice to post this article (pdf) which includes links to many others concerning the issue.

Most people want to continue to fight these criminals in the corrupt Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction they've imposed on us since the end of the Mercenary Conflict otherwise known as the Civil War, when the American government was taken over using the 14th Amendment.


We are publishing documents that have been "sealed" by the courts. If you

didn't get a copy prior to them being sealed by the courts, you won't be able to

get a copy without a Court Order now, so be thankful that other Americans were

on the ball 55 years ago. And that we are making copies provided to us

available to all Fifty State Assemblies now.

You will see some curious language in these documents, which will only be

understandable with some help.

For example, the reference to a "memorial" to the Congress of the United States of

America, is confusing until you realize that they are talking about a Territorial Congress

and organization that is defunct, from the perspective of a "Successor" Municipal

Congress operating in 1967, and which has inherited issues that have been left

unresolved by their Territorial Predecessors.

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Instead, repeal The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

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i think this is one of the best ideas i've heard all YEAR!

REPEAL the 14th Amendment!

What a relic it is anyway.

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